Yo y Espaldamaceta


There is something certainly poignant about rawness. Rawness is scary because, in general, we prefer to be eased along the way, but, at the same time, rawness is beautiful, it is transparent, it is sincere and it is capable of showing us purity in the darkest moments. Yo y Espaldamaceta, the new album by José Juan González, takes the concept of crudeness to the extreme, undressing in each song and shedding all the emotions experienced in recent years. To compose the songs for this album José Juan started from certain limitations: Songs with a tempo of 60 bpm. Just two alternating strings. Two measures before entering. No choirs, no instrumentation. Voice and guitars as the only allies. And, although for a time he was attracted by the idea of ​​going into a conventional recording, with a metronome, trying out choirs, basses, and drums, in the end he decided to do away with everything. And that’s how Yo y Espaldamaceta was born, an album in which he has managed to come to terms with himself, an album of acceptance, without reproaches or insecurities. Espaldamaceta sounds heartbreaking and painful, but among all that pain the beauty of having found peace, calm and tranquility blooms. Joan Pons (El Petit de Cal Eril) was able to understand José Juan and accompanied him all the way to the completion of this new album. An album that you can come to love or that you may come to hate, but that cannot leave anyone indifferent. Espaldamaceta invites us to accompany him on this descent to the deepest, until you realize, as he says that “time has hardened you, kid”

1. Yo y mi mal
2. Yo y mi contradicción
3. Yo y mi huida
4. Yo y mi hermano
5. Yo y mi tiempo
6. Yo y mi miedo
7. Yo y mi cabeza
8. Yo y mi cambio
9. Yo y mi final
Production: José Juan González &
Joan Pons
Recording and master: Joan Pons
Master: Victor Garcia (Ultramarinos
Art: Adeu Siau
Photo: Marta Mas

Label: Hidden Track Records
Ref: HT101
Format: LP, CD y Digital
UPC: 8435015526528
Depósito legal: B 2601-2022