S/T de b1n0


b1n0 is one of the most interesting ‘made in Barcelona’ musical projects in recent years. Emili Bosch and Malcus Codolà float between ones and zeros, undulating sounds that blend electronic experimentation with pop delicacy. This peculiar cocktail enjoys mixing a number of ingredients (making good use of the infinite possibilities one can get from synthesizers and samplers) combined with the sounds produced by different everyday objects such as forks or shoe boxes. A promising tour of venues and festivals (including Sónar), that dates have obviously been postponed or canceled due to covid, has led them to start the adventure of creating a new ep for this 2021. And we can’t wait.

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01. B1 ft. Phoac
02. N03M1 ft. 4dr14n0 64l4n73
03. K0RNUL0V3 ft. Núria Graham
04. F33L ft. Phoac
05. 50-50 ft. Núria Graham
06. R0M4N71C153D V3R510N ft. Phoac
07.H4V3 FUN ft. 4dr14n0 64l4n73
08. KRUML1N ft. Núria Graham
09. UN1$€X ft. 4dr14n0 64l4n73