The nine songs that make up Joia have been appearing during this year 2021 and we have recorded them with Jordi Matas, in his house, taking advantage of the mornings between the productions of Anna Andreu, Iris Deco, Carlota Flâneur and Maria Hein. I have spent the year more focused on them than on me, which has made me very happy. The first songs appeared at the beginning of the year, while we were doing the Iris Deco album between the b1n0 studio in La Bisbal de l’Empordà and at Jordi’s house. Iris Deco has such a huge talent that it breaks my soul, I feel very close to her and her intuitive way of composing and when someone affects me so much, it makes me automatically start writing songs. I feel very privileged to have her by my side. Meeting the b1n0 is one of the most exciting things that have happened to me lately and now, together with Jordi Bosch, they accompany me live when my headline band can’t come. In those days I also shot the music video for our joint song BUMBUM, with Bruna Cusí. Meeting Bruna and acting next to her for the first time made me grow up the crazy idea of ​​making a Rajneeshpuram-style cult-inspired film, so I was writing songs with the freedom that the fact that these songs didn’t they had to be part of a record. While I was filming with Iris Deco, the idea of ​​making the film came to me and I obviously called Carles Pons. He and the Òrbita collective convey to me so much complicity and confidence that I would not have seen it feasible to make a film if I had not known them. However, the songs burned in my hands and I realized that making a movie was much more complicated than making a record and that we needed more time than I thought for the project to start working.

And that’s how Joia was born, a small album with a music video by the Òrbita collective that draws a line between the universe of sects and the big family that I have around and that I love so much. Especially the artists I’ve been producing, the musicians who accompany me and Louise, Ana, Clara and Maria, the women behind Hidden Track. Louise Sansom, creator of Hidden Track and Love of My Life, saw clearly that we had to link these songs to what Hidden Track means to us: a space of security, love and creativity for artists. She had already had in mind the word Jewel during the era of the album Hannah by Anímic (2011), and it reappeared to her when she wrote Gem, the song that opens the album Skin (2017) and not long ago versioned by Anna Andreu. Anna has changed our lives, without her and the Marina Arrufat Hidden Track would not be what it is today. I honestly have never seen so much complicity and love on a record label and I can’t feel luckier to be a part of it. So much of the concept of the record is Louise’s idea. We never get tired of talking about what we could do, a thousand ideas and projects and the strong thing is that since we are together this has never changed.


01. Ram
02. Joia
03. Primavera
04. Rosa
05. Fotos
06. Trenca'm
07. Casa't amb mi
08. Soledat
09. Mar
Songs by Ferran Palau
Produced by: Jordi Matas and Ferran Palau.
Recorded in 2021 at:
Jordi Matas' home, Esparreguera (Fotos,
Trenca’m, Casa’t amb mi, Soledat), Estudi dotze,
Banyoles with Panxii Badii(Joia, Primavera, Rosa),
Konvent.0, Berga with Ildefons Alonso (Mar and
joint choruses).
Mixed by: Jordi Matas in Mallorca, on the boat returning from Mallorca and in Esparreguera.
Master by: Victor García
Ferran Palau: Vocals and guitar
Jordi Matas: Guitarra and vocals.
Choruses: Anna Andreu, Marina Arrufat, Maria Hein,
Iris Deco, Carlota Flaneur, Maria Espinosa,
Louise Sansom, Júlia, Twin, Valentina Risi and Leo Palau.
Photos by: Sílvia Poch at Konvent.0
Style: Mar Medinyà
Makeup by: Helena Satorra y Clàudia Pérez
Design by: Coure
Videoclip by Òrbita

Label: Hidden Track Records
Ref: HT100
Format: D / LP
UPC: 8435015525828