There is something ethereal in the music of Moon Vision, an unreal and abstract plane, a language of its own and a way of
expressing themselves that makes them special. It was in the year 2019, when they released their first LP, Muses, a record
inspired by the female figure, in which they showed off a neat and delicate electronica and where they had various female vocal collaborations. One of those voices was Júlia Collado who instantly became a definitive incorporation taking the duo, Xevi Collado and Albert Pardo, to a trio, and shortly after to a four with friend and drummer Pau Schultz.

In Instinct we find an evolution towards more organic sounds, songs that manage to keep the electronic hallmark so characteristic of Moon Vision, but traveling towards more human horizons, horizons where music is felt, enjoyed and experienced. Instinct includes twelve songs that, at half tempo and without great shocks, brings us closer to a journey that that starts in their deepest thoughts and slowly leads you outside. A journey that speaks of all of them, but with a language that is universal: Instinct is a sunset or the sound of the sea, it’s humanity seen from afar, it is a walk into our subconscious. Instinct is a summer in London, it’s emptiness, it’s overcoming an illness and it’s rebellion. An impressionist painting, where everything is not seen, but where everything makes sense. And it’s amazing to look back and realise the path they have traveled. Moon Vision has grown, not only in its formation, but in authenticity, in a character hardly identifiable, that convinces and that creates
adepts. We are already part. You are welcome to the club.

01. Harsh Contact
02. Instincts
03. Blackout
04. Neon Fan
05. Alone
06. Easy Boy
07. Reasons To Be Wild
08. Happy
09. Ritual Union
10. Queen
11. Shameless
12. Leaving Unconsciousness
Production: Albert Pardo y Xevi Collado
Recording: Red Factory Studios
Mix: Hill House Studio
Master: Victor Garcia en Ultramarinos
Design: Maria Espinosa
Photo: Sílvia Poch
Art direction: Hugo Corn

Label: Hidden Track Records
Ref: HT087
Format: LP, CD and Digital
UPC: 8435015525156
Legal Deposit: B 3543-2021