Continent i contingut


Maria Hein is a young felanitxera who has been training for years as a pianist, playing guitar and, more recently, experimenting and creating her own lyrics and melodies. And to tell you the truth, this new Balearic diamond has already won a place on the Mallorcan musical podium. The warmth with which Maria Hein presents Continent i content, her debut album, is balanced with solemnity and the pristine sound of all her songs, emanating a mixture of simplicity and nostalgia, with the unbeatable brushstroke of Balearic nature. Ten songs in which Maria Hein shares thoughts, problems, and doubts, like a cup that overflows and needs to let the water run loose. The artist accompanies her tracks with a minimalist instrumentation that easily follow her gentle lyrics, sung almost as if she was telling us a secret. With the help of artist and producer Ferran Palau, they have built a timeless sound that is close and welcoming. And so Maria Hein comes into our lifes, cautious, like a new guest who doesn’t want to to bother, but that without realizing it, slowly settles in our memory, because, after all, her stories are our stories. Continent and Content is a magic, unique debut album , a firm bet, that takes your breath away.

01. Un tassó que vessa
02. Sa teva presència
03. Aquell mes de Març
04. Setze voltes
05. Continent i contingut
06. Estrès acumulat
07. Llums de sa ciutat
08. Main vater
09. Es teus ulls davant la mar
10. Omplint un buit
Producción: Ferran Palau
Grabación y mezcla: Panxii Badii
Master: Victor Garcia

Maria Hein: guitarra, voz, piano y teclados
Ferran Palau: Baterías y teclados
Dani Comas: bajo

Es teus ulls davant la mar:
Producción y mezcla: Jordi Matas
Grabación: ca'n Ginés Valverde (Felanitx)

Maria Hein: guitarra, voz y teclados
Jordi Matas: bajo

Foto: Marta Mas Gironès
Diseño: COURE

Sello: Hidden Track Records / Pértiga Music
Ref: HT0892
Formato: LP, CD y Digital
UPC: 8435015525811 B 5225-2021