Cel Clar by Ferran Palau


Ferran Palau presents ‘Cel Clar’. Cel Clar is a double single composed and recorded at the artist’s home during 2020’s quarentine (March to April 2020). Two songs that come from his most intimate background in order to expel the mixture of sadness and need that many musicians have experienced with the cancellations of their tours, and it has nothing to do with their financial concerns, which also exist, but with the need to connect with your audience, friends and family. Both songs reconnect the artist, even more intensely if possible, with his home and family. Presented in a 7 “format, both songs have been recorded with the old Tascam 2488 and T-Bone mic in the living room, later mixed by Jordi Matas and mastered in record time by Victor García.

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01. Cel Clar
02. Mitjanit
Artist: Ferran Palau
Title: Cel Clar
Label: Hidden Track Records
Ref: HT069
Release date: 10 abril 2020