Casa by Júlia


Casa by Júlia 12″ pink vinyl
Art and design: Soysoft y Magda Arques
Handmade covers one by one.

Someone once said that originality consists fundamentally in returning to the origin. That returning to the simplicity of the original solutions, with your own means, officially gives you the quality of original. Júlia’s third album is the last and most honest testimony of this theory. Casa (Hidden Track Records, 2020) is a canvas to the past with sounds of the present; a monument to the classic return to the origins, but from the least common of places and even the most elemental and profound of its creation.


01. Tradicional
02. Voltors
03. L
04. Plom
05. Flash
06. Càmping
07. Play!
08. Ut
Artist: Júlia
Title: Casa
Label: Hidden Track Records
Ref: HT075
Release date: 15 January 2021

Production: Carasueño
Recorded by: Adrià Sempere
Mix: Carasueño
Master: Javier Roldón
Photography: Jordi Arques