T-Shirts Uncertainty by Carlota Flâneur


Organic cotton t-shirt with serigraphy by Carlota Flâneur – Design by Laura Endy

A little less than two years ago, Carlota Flâneur burst in to the music scene with Brains, a debut EP in which she showed her tender and colorful pop in a timid, but convincing way. Just a few months later, she presented us with her particular vision of See you again by Tyler, The Creator, a song with which he definitely showed us she is POP in capital letters. With these precedents, it was clear that their first album would not disappoint… and we weren’t wrong. Uncertainty, Carlota Flâneur’s first album, explores all the forms, manners, angles and colors of pop, offering us an extraordinary and brilliant result, with songs that borders perfection, that stick in your head and introduce you to a fantasy universe, where all Carlota Flâneurs dimensions live. And speaking of dimensions, the truth is, Carlota Flâneur has managed to exceed all expectations. In Uncertainty we are going to find songs with happy rhythms, guitars that play with vocal melodies and synths that come and go, giving warmth to an already welcoming proposal. And in the midst of all this we find a Carlota Flâneur who speaks gently, but honestly, about insecurities and fears, about feeling vulnerable and being paralyzed, about seeing the world spinning too fast, about love and feelings. All this with a neat voice that has fun between harmonies and totally choruses. It is unquestionable how Carlota Flâneur has evolved in just two years. Ferran Palau is present yet again for the production of Uncertainty, he has maintained her chromatic proposal and soft cadence, but now her music emanates a unique, totally recognizable personality, making it clear that her ability to create well-rounded songs is infinite. Welcome to the Flâneur universe.

01. The rush
02. Lungs
03. Alive at the same time
04. Party
05. Balance
06. Brave
07. Uncertainty
08. Blood
09. I don't want to move on
10. Kind
Composition: Carlota Flâneur
Production: Ferran Palau
Recording and mix: Ildefons Alonso
Mastering: Victor Garcia (Ultramarinos Mastering)
Art and design: COURE
Photography: Sílvia Poch
Styled by Mar Medinyà
Make up: Helena Satorra i Claudia Pérez

Recording Musiciens:
Carlota Flâneur (guitar and vocals)
Ferran Palau (drums, keyboards and guitar)
Dani Comas (bass)
Ildefons Alonso (keyboards)

Label: Hidden Track Records / Pértiga Music
Ref: HT099
Format: LP, CD, Cassette and Digital