To understand the scenario where b1n0 conceive and bring their songs to life, we will have to travel to areas of our brain where words are colors and where our thoughts expand and contract infinitely, in a spiral, over and over again. In 2019 they released their first self-titled album (b1no, Foehn Records), with which they immediately placed themselves at the epicenter of the Catalan electronic scene. Now, the duo formed by Emili Bosch and Malcus Codolà, continue their legacy with bi, their new EP. In bi we are going to find rounder, more direct songs, that perhaps move away from pure electronica, but that pave the way towards a utopia where musical genres are blurred. As expected, in this second installment they have also surrounded themselves with vocal collaborators, who are in charge of giving voice to unusual pieces, where the talent of each of the parties builds a unique imaginary. If on their first album we were surprised by the voices of Núria Graham, Adriano Galante (Seward) or Phoac, in bi they are Ferran Palau, Meritxell Nedderman, Joan Pons (El Petit de Cal Eril), Marina Herlop and Tarta Relena, those in charge of giving a voice to the words each song hides. And this is how b1n0 once again demonstrate their capacity for evolution and creation, making it clear that between synths, beats and samplers they will always feel comfortable, but always hand in hand with experimentation and the constant search for new sounds. Sounds that quickly become a unique and fascinating hallmark, that captivate and convince. In addition to the digital edition of the ep, bi will be released in a special LP edition that will contain a Side A with all the songs and a Side B with their respective instrumental versions.

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A1. DAUS ft. El Petit De Cal Eril
A2. BUMBUM ft. Ferran Palau
A3. N0 ft. Meritxell Neddermann
A4. ME ft. Tarta Relena
A5. AHH! ft. Marina Herlop
B1. DAUS (Instrumental)
B2. BUMBUM (Instrumental)
B3. N0 (Instrumental)
B4. ME (Instrumental)
B5. AHH! (Instrumental)
Production: b1n0
Recording: Cardamomo Studios
Mix: Miquel Cuxart en Sotrack Records
Master: Jan Valls
Artwork: Anna Cornudella
Design: COURE

Labels: Hidden Track Records /
Foehn Records
Ref: HT089
Format: LP and digital
UPC: 8435015525835 B 14667-2021