Moon Vision


There is something ethereal in the music of Moon Vision, an unreal and abstract plane, its own language and a way of expressing itself, that makes them special. It was in 2019, when they presented a first LP called Muses, an album inspired by the female figure, in which they showed off neat and delicate electronics and where they had several female vocal collaborations. Now, together with drummer Pau Schultz and with Júlia Collado on vocals, they have closed the circle of their new line-up and are ready to present their new and long-awaited work: Instinct. In Instinct we are going to find an evolution towards more organic sounds, songs that manage to maintain the electronic seal so characteristic of Moon Vision, but that have traveled towards more human horizons, those where music is felt, enjoyed and experienced. And it is incredible to look back and realize the path traveled. Moon Vision has grown, not only in its training, but in authenticity, in a character that is hardly identifiable, which convinces and creates followers.