Espaldamaceta’s adventure began in 2006 with José Juan González presenting a repertoire of sad and slow songs, recorded and performed live with a guitar as his only partner. After releasing Madera y Poca Luz (Bankrobber, 2008), an album that includes his renowned song ‘Ahora que la mierda ya me llega hasta los ojos‘ (used in 2014 by Paco León in the final scene of the film “Carmina y Amen”premiered on April 29 and nominated for the Goya awards -the film also won two awards at the Malaga festival that same year), the artist continued at a fast pace with albums such as Cae algo al suelo (Bankrobber, 2009), Miedo al silencio (Bankrobber, 2010), Miedo al silencio segunda parte (Bankrobber, 2011), Baile Masái (Gandula, 2013) and Els pares són public d’un gran espectacle (self-published, 2017).  Millor que Mai (Hidden Track Records, 2019), is an album where Espaldamaceta explored new textures and instruments for the first time with a band, proving he can light up a stage with enthusiasm and optimistic lyrics.