Carlota Flâneur


A little less than two years ago, Carlota Flâneur burst into the music scene with Brains, a first EP presented her her tender and colourful pop in a timid, but convincing way. Only a few months later she released her particular vision of Tyler, The Creator’s ‘See you again’, a song with which she definitely proved she was pop in capital letters. With these precedents, it was clear that their first album could not disappoint… and so here it is. Uncertainty, Carlota Flâneur’s first album, explores all the shapes, paths, angles and colours of pop music, giving us an extraordinary and brilliant result, with songs that border perfection, that stick in the brain and introduce us to a fantasy universe, where all the dimensions of Carlota Flâneur live.

It is unquestionable how Carlota Flâneur has evolved in just two years. Counting on Ferran Palau again for the production of Uncertainty, she has kept her chromatic proposal and the soft cadence, but now her music emanates a unique personality, totally recognizable, making clear that her capacity to create round songs is infinite. Welcome to the Flâneur universe.


All concerts outside Catalonia have the support of the Institut Ramon Llull